What's Up?

March 15, 2012
KFC, Kalentong, Sta. Ana, Manila

As much as possible I wanna post here the happy moments of the group. Unfortunately, in every relationship there is always the so-called "rocky road".
Ms Girl, Jay and Encef
We gather this time not because we just like to hang out but we would like to hear Ms. Girl's comment on the issue. I personally just want express my feelings. I wan to tell everybody that i'm not okay, that this is what I feel.

After hearing Jay's side this morning that he feels this way, I said to myself that we must go on with our life no matter what. This is just part of our life what we need to face the people we don't like simply because they did not do anything bad against us. After hearing Edlen's side of the story, I said okay i'm still at your back. After hearing Ms Girl's opinion I felt relieved. 

Thank you so much Ms Girl for always there to listen to each and everyone of us here. You are really our mediator. You are really the right person to go to when we need help. You always see the brighter side of every situation. You always make us realize of life. Thank you for being a good friend. Love ya.