Meeting With Bonne After 2 Years

May 29, 2014
Chicago KTV Bar and Resto, Metrowalk, Pasig City

First and only meeting with Bonne for 2014 after 2 years of being away. I prefer loud talks and laughs or just being silent in Starbucks than in a KTV Bar but I can't deny the fact that I've enjoyed this night. Just loud music and singing along with them. Drinks and foods of course can add the fun. What I don't like this place was every hour, we were charge. The longer you stay, the bigger the bill you gets. For just 2 hours, we were charged of more than P2,700.00 but I think it was worth it coz we didn't pay a single cents coz the receipt were handed to Ms Girlie. LOL! Thanks Ms Girl and Bonne. I love you and miss you guys!