Christmas Get-Together 2014

December 19, 2014
Starbucks, Greenfield District, The Portal, Mandaluyong City

We were celebrating our Christmas this year by having this gathering of people who's been there for quite sometime now. I missed these people. They were all busy with their different lives now but still for the occasion like this, they managed to insert it in their busy schedules. And its like, this is something I always look forward too coz its kinda tradition already, you know. Unfortunately the others had prior commitments. Sad :(

Of course, this gathering starts with a dinner at Icebergs-Robinsons Galleria. Then moved to Veranda but there were no available spaces for us, so we decided to moved to Greenfield District. Sweet catch-up moments, plans, smiles and the laughs. Hayz.. Last year, kinda serious a bit coz they talked a lot about business but this time, travel and adventure. Wow, can't wait for it. Hope I can join them. Cross fingers!